Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The weekend was wonderful! Sarah and I had a karaoke date after I arrived, Saturday evening, and sang our little heads off, and laughed and giggled and (possibly) drank just a teensy bit (really, just a teensy) too much. There weren't many people there, which meant we got to sing a lot, including two duets.

And. About the time we were getting ready to leave, one of the other patrons, a lovely young blond with a throaty alto voice, asked us if we were sisters! When we told her I was Sarah's mother, she called to her other friends, asking, "Can you believe she's her mother?!" I was a bit worried Sarah would be insulted, but since they seemed to think my 36-year-old was just barely old enough to get into the bar, she was okay with it, lol.

Back home, we talked a bit more, then realized we were both tired, but (we thought) not sleepy, so we went to bed, each of us carrying a novel. Neither one of us read more than a few pages before dozing off, and I found out the next morning Sarah never even made it out of bed to turn out the light in her room. We were so tired, in fact, that instead of having "all morning" to get our costumes fine-tuned we had to rush, but we were only a little late in meeting Sarah's friends to go to Faerie Worlds.

It's about time I showed off some pictures, isn't it? I'll put a few of my favorites here, separately, and then a slide show at the bottom. Otherwise, this post would be about 89 yards long!

Daughter Sarah (left) and her friend Tiffany

Me (left!) and my new satyr friend

You can't see his furry legs or hooves, but this is a young faun

I think this faerie was sprinkled with pixie dust!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

This was such a lot of fun, like a big costume party where you didn't need an invitation and needn't know any of the guests, but something occurred to me later: I dislike the statement, "I believe in fairies." To me, you might as well say, "I believe in chairs," or "I believe in dirt." Those are not things you believe in; they are things that ARE. Same with the fairies. We make up fantasy stuff about them because we don't have much (I do not say we have none) firsthand knowledge of them, and I think most of it is probably wildly inaccurate, to say the least.

But not the fact of fairies. They simply are, but rarely let themselves be seen by the big, clumsy, heavy-footed humans stomping around in the woodland areas they populate.

And now that I've thoroughly weirded you out, I will say, "Good night, and may the little folk be kind."


mizmollye said...

If I die before you, you are to save this comment and print it and send it to Mike (Punkin Darlin) and tell him that I want him to send all 4 of my pop-out fairie books, my huge book on gnomes and my huge book on giants to YOU!

Seriously. Love you, Mollye

storybeader said...

you all look like you had a wild time! How fun! Kinda reminds me of the Renaissance Fair in Norman, with a little less clothing... and I guess wings!

Laume said...

I just fluttered in here from a Google search for Faerieworld pics. It was a lovely time, wasn't it! I love what you said about believing in faeries. There's a Brian Froud quote somewhere, which I will now mangle, but something like "Faeries exist whether you believe in them or not."

Splendid Little Stars said...

totally fun! enjoyed all th4e photos! (slide show not working at present)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm taking a little time today to visit a few sorority sisters that I haven't met. I must say, I picked an interesting first post of yours to read...I would guess life around you would never be dull! You look lovely in your costume!


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