Monday, May 25, 2009


It's been a while since I sent a Coffee Pot Person on vacation. This seemed like a good day to send Lumin somewhere, but where?


Lumin & the Westport Lighthouse

And as long as I was working with my little vacationers, I reworked Harold Angel:

Harold, watching over highway construction

I also, today, unloaded the utility trailer, which was full of old wooden pallets, some broken, some whole. I had to promise, Scout's honor, to wear gloves, and be very careful, and quit instantly if I cut myself.

Why would I want to? Because it needed doing, I like physical labor, and with muscles, it's use 'em or lose 'em. Statistically speaking, people lose about 10% of their muscle mass each decade after thirty. That is an "eventuality" I have no intention of fulfilling! And why should I, when there's plenty of good clean work to build muscle doing? I have absolutely no intention of ever becoming the proverbial 95 pound weakling. Besides, it really does feel good. Or is that just the tomboy in me speaking?

Also today, I weeded the bed next to our house, did a smattering of housework, had a nice visit with the neighbor, watched Dad's memorial video several times, and planted

    A nice big cluster of daisies
    A euphorbia griffithti
    A couple of liatris
    A lovely primrose I got for Mother's Day
    A low-growing, spreading form of oregano
    A nice, bushy agapanthus (bear's breeches)
    And eight geraniums, including one called "Happy Thoughts"

Thinking about a flower called "Happy Thoughts" is my happy thought to go to sleep on!



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