Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've had a request for the lyrics to my song, "Herbalist's Lament", so here they are. (Toni, thank you so much for asking!)


A is for the Adder’s Tongue, with which my lover spake,
Betony begins with B, and cures the head that aches.
C for Comfrey, heals all wounds, Dittany as well.
Elderberry’s a tasty wine, but cannot sorrow quell.

And it’s Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Ease, to soothe this heart of mine.
Forget-me-nots forgot their task, and I need more than Thyme.

Give me Fennel when I cry, a poultice on each eye.
Let me breathe Geranium when I’m inclined to cry.
H is Hops, to bring sleep nigh, Iris root as well,
Jacob’s Staff, lit when I die, can drive away the smell.

Knapweed’s for my reddened nose and soothes my aching throat.
Lovage is the herb for those like me who missed the boat.
Marigolds the spirits lift, Nettle tea as well,
Origanum used as a snuff will errant sniffles still

P is for the Periwinkle. A lie said it brings love.
Queen-of-the-meadow gladdens the heart,
And Rue gives pain a shove.
Stonecrop cools the fevered brow, Triticum as well.
Unona is a pick-me-up for those whose eyes are dull.

V is for Valerian, to soothe my shattered nerves.
A Wallflower I’m bound to be, and Xyris will not serve.
Y for Yarrow, Z for Zilla, from the mustard family.
No cure for unrequited love in all my herbary.

Oddly enough, I can't find where I'd put the actual music up, except here: NaBloPoMo On the left side of that page is a small heading: Music. Below that is a list, that shows the album title but not the track titles. If you click on Track 03, you can then click the play arrow and hear the song. Hope you enjoy it!

Background on the song? I had gone to a St Patrick's day celebration, and the band sang and played a song that went through the parts of a sailing vessel alphabetically. I wondered if I could write an alphabetical song myself. To wonder is to do, yes?


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