Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, I did manage to get three of the little Tea Kettle Characters painted, though I found myself wondering at time where I'd mislaid my stamina. It'll be back tomorrow, right?

Here's Joan, who's thrilled to see spring arrive, even if she still has her chin tucked securely in her black turtleneck. Sandals is one thing. A cold neck is something else altogether.

This is Ralph, just barely old enough to grow that soul patch he's so proud of:
And a view of the top of his hat, because I like it:

Fast friends, enjoying the day, just after it poured rain in buckets, sending all the birds and squirrels to cover, and the humans goggle-eyed to the windows:

And last and least, in size at any rate, my personal favorite, the little Izzy. He's about five inches tall, and clearly not from around here:

Don't know why these photos are a bit fuzzy. My apologies there.


the bear doctor said...

I think Ralph Rules. Maybe just because of his colour, but he is so alive!!

Linda from Vegas said...

I'm sure you have heard this before but your coffeepot people are adorable. I love them all! I'm going to start haunting thrift stores with a totally different eye , thanks to you

Debbie said...

they are so adorable they made me smile

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