Wednesday, May 20, 2009


First one is Floyd, an old biker dude. You should see him with candle stubs in his eye sockets--talk about having a "certain light in his eyes"! He's a pretty gnarly looking fellow, but has that proverbial heart of gold. One thing, though, riding that Hog all the time has given him a sailor's wavy regard for the ground.

Floyd's head shot

Floyd Full length

Next one is Amber Arachnoid, also known as Miss Muffet's Nemesis. Now why would Miss Muffet have been frightened of her? See seems harmless enough. Her mouth does open quite wide, though. I do hope that's just so you can hide your house key in it.

Amber Arachnoid

Today's last one is Ollie. You may recognize him from his starring role in the series, "The Cookie Jar Mysteries", although it's been some time since he was cast in anything. These days, he spends a lot of time at the casino. He plays a lot of pai gow, a card game he prefers because of the unusual odds--the chances of winning are so good, the casino charges a dollar per hand, to make sure they actually make some money.



Debbie said...

Amber is beautiful

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