Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Tea Fairy and The Ladybug Lady

Two new Tea Kettle Characters are done. I'm well pleased with both of them, and surprised and thrilled to see that they've already been featured on two webpages, after listing them in my etsy store last night. (Thanks to Always Amy and Cuteable! The articles they wrote are well worth reading, too. Visit them and learn good stuff you'll use.)

Anyway, here are The Tea Fairy, and Ladybug Lady:

Well, there's a floor to wax in the rental house, it's raining, so I'm off the hook for weeding the flower beds for now, need to go to the hardware store for drip pans for the rental's range, and drive over to Halsey to pick up the rents there. Haven't done a lick of housework yet, and I want to build a Coffee Pot Person today. oof. Time to get off my...uhm...stand myself up and get busy!


Ali Harriman said...

Your "people" are wonderful! I'm so pleased to have been given the link to your site!

Ali Harriman

Debbie said...

I love those

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