Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sunday was the Craft: Magazine release party, which was great fun, especially since I got to see Sister Diane ( DIY Alert, Crafty Pod), and work at one of several craft stations, and just generally soak up all the crafty energy in the room. (I do love creative people. sigh.)

AND they had several drawings for door prizes, and drew my name for one!

Let me see...the last time I won anything was, oh, twenty-five years ago. There was a sweepstakes in a magazine. Didn't figure there was any chance at all I'd win a top prize, but they said they were giving away 3,000 sun visors, and I thought it would be fun to win one for the kids, so I entered. I won a year's supply of Orange Crush soda pop! Imagine my bliss. Cases of a drink I never bought, and didn't much care for, bottles and bottles of a beverage too sweet and full of empty calories to give to my kids, except on very rare, very special occasions. Oh, goody. (Actually, I was pretty thrilled to have won one of the big ones, and we did eventually drink each and every bottle of the stuff.)

But the prize I won Sunday was a lot better than that. Here's what I won:

What a haul!

Here's a list of my happy-making take:

Folks, I feel like I made out like a bandit. Got all my goodies spread out on the dining table now, and just smile when I see them there.


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