Monday, June 30, 2008


I absolutely loved this idea from Sycamore Stirring's blogspot. I don't have children at home anymore, but with my adorable grandchildren and grandnieces still at the appropriate age, I could hardly wait to share it.

The basic idea is that children eat much better when their food is served in an unusual manner, which I've certainly found to be true. I'm remembering banana flowers, sandwiches cut and decorated to look like faces, and bread snakes. (I'd cut the crusts off the peanut butter sandwiches, and say, "Oooh. Bread snakes! Scary." Worked every time. Sometimes the kids even ate the "snakes" before the sandwich itself!)

So Muffin Tin Monday=Lunch served in a muffin tin. Too cute!

Here's a photo, and the link:

Muffin Tin Monday


Kathy said...

Oh heck!!! I just LOVE that idea! I will have to give it a whirl the next time I have my neices & nephews over.

Serviced Apartments Guy said...

I've never thought about it that way! It makes sense though, if kids get given something and they think it's boring, then they certainly won't eat it!

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