Friday, June 27, 2008


It's amazing to me how many people will walk up to this

China Blossoms

and say, "Oh, look! She makes those little cup and saucer bird feeders." That just kind of leaves me shaking my head, because a: There aren't any cups, and b: These are flowers, held vertically on a stem, and won't hold anything. How is that going to work?

But I also began to think, Well, maybe they're seeing bird feeders because they want bird feeders, and not just because they expect them.

That kind of thinking can be dangerous, because it can lead to new ideas and then you have to act on them, and before you know it you're out in your shop making something you've never made before. Like flowers that can convert to bird feeders:

China Birdfeeders

Now, there are good reasons not to make the little bird feeders. First of all, around here it rains a lot, and these don't have covers, so after a rain shower, the bird seed can be kind of nasty. Second, if you're making a bird feeder, you have to use something in the center of the saucer that will actually hold something, and I like to mix it up, creating flowers of whatever looks good and ignoring functionality. Third, we also get freezing weather here, and any time you have an item made of layers of glass, it's going to hold rainwater, possibly in little crevices between the pieces. When the water freezes, it will expand, and if it's in one of those crevices, your garden art will be a shattered piece of garden junk.

This permutation, I think, takes care of all of that. I'll keep making China Blossoms that aren't anything else, and add these. In the summer, they can be set horizontally and hold water or seed for birds, or a votive candle to make a little fairy light outside. In the winter, when you still want to see something pretty in the garden, but don't want to risk breakage, you can leave them out, but set them on their stems vertically, so they won't hold water.

I'm pretty pleased with myself. And watching my little puppy sniff at the dress that just came from eBay. I'm curious, too: Will it fit? It came just in time for the 94 degree weather we're expecting this weekend, short, sleeveless, and black and white polka dots. Yay!


Kathy said...

I absolutely ADORE your fun lil creations!!! They totally inspire me to be more creative in my own gardens

Debbie said...

Those are so pretty. How creative you are. I can see those cheering up a winter garden

Anonymous said...

OMGosh I LOVE your creations ... you are such a talented artist!
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iHanna said...

Ha, your ideas are so fun! I think people see birdfeeders because they expect them to be PRACTICAL and not just "as is" beautiful! :-)

Johanne Naegele said...

I love these and can't wait to make some for my garden! How do you affix the small bowls to the plate and the plate to the stem? My 4 year old twins will really love filling them with birdseed in the garden. They can even help me pick out the pretty plates and bowls at the thrift store!

majeral said...

There you go making something, then showing us how to do , and walking away from us tra la tra la.. I live on the second floor , I do have a little patio now to make these "china Blossoms " and keep them from "jumping off" , thank you

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