Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, I certainly never expected to be posing a lawn mower for photographs, but...

Dear Husband (DH) is away for a month, and that puts me in charge of some serious lawn. He mowed Halsey before he left, which takes care of that property, which equates to about a quarter acre of grass. He didn't get this one done, and that's more.

The last thing DH told me about the lawn mowing was that he'd had to buy a new blade for the big gas lawn mower, but it was a generic blade, and doesn't fit exactly the way one made for the model would. "If you go over rough ground and dig the blade into the dirt, or hit a big rock," he said, "It's going to knock the blade loose, and you won't be able to undo the nut that holds it on. I can barely undo it myself."

Knock the blade loose?! I'm picturing a spinning blade whipping itself off the lawnmower and shortening my legs without benefit of anesthetic.

No way I'm going to use that thing. Here's my baby. I like it. It lets me hear the birds sing. It doesn't pollute or use fossil fuels, and it burns the greenest energy I can think of: my own body fat! (Oh, ick. No. I am not saying my body fat is green. Just eco-friendly when I burn it!)

Let's Roll!

Rustic Vs Rampant

I'm already tired!


It really is time for lunch. Past time. It's two o'clock, and where did the day go? I've got to grab a bit, borrow a hairdryer, and get myself to the wire supplier for China and Mega Blossom stems by three.



Debbie said...

great blog and funny lawn mower story

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