Saturday, May 24, 2008


Been working on this for several weeks, but it's been so busy around here I only just now finished it. I'm pleased with the outcome, even if it did take weeks longer than the one afternoon it should have.

Some few people may remember I had a whole lot of fabric to sort a few weeks ago, and that the reward for the task was to keep what I loved. I fell in love with a sheer panel of fabric that had embroidered lily-of-the-valley on it. I mean, really fell in love with. It was (brace yourself) sheer inspiration. Lots of ideas, but which to use? This is what I chose:

First, the fabric itself:

Turned the way I'd use it

So 3-dimensional!

Cut out carefully

Position and tack in place

An added note: Be sure when you use fabric glue to read and follow the directions. I ended up using Liquid Thread, which must be ironed to be permanent. Until you apply heat, it can be washed out. The motifs I cut out frayed very easily, so I coated the entire piece on the back, just to be safe.

Cut away excess fabric

Follow the line of your appliqué piece, leaving enough for a narrow hem.

Turn edge under

You'll probably need to clip all the curves to relieve any tightness or straining. Miter excess fabric as needed, too. I used invisible thread, which is rather like very thin fishing line. It's transparent, so even using a whipstitch and going from color to color, it doesn't show at all.

Turn a narrow hem along the back. It's a good idea to stay stitch across the back first, to keep the fabric from stretching. I used a rolled stitch there, but a straight stitch would have done, I think. T-shirt jersey doesn't fray, so I didn't finish off the raw edge.

All Done!

I thought of covering the back neckline with bias tape or ribbon, but opted not to do that.

Can't wait to wear my altered tee!


SisterDG said...

You are such a freakin' genius!

regina said...

amazing. what a great idea. i have some lacy things around this place and i've been trying to figure out what to do with them.

jessica said...

This applique is so cool! I just sw your comment on my bloggie...thank you so much! I'll be visiting again, too!

Tish said...

This was really neat. I may have to try this sometime.

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