Friday, May 16, 2008

Mme GUILLAUME Le COIN (Mrs Bill the Quack)

New Tea Kettle Character, or more precisely, a little lady made from an old china cream pitcher.

I've named her Mme Guillaume Le Coin, French for Mrs William the Quack. (Pronunciation: In French, the "oi" combination sounds like "wa", so "coin" comes out "qwa", their way of spelling and saying the sound a duck makes.)

Mrs. Quack's friends call her The Duckess, a rudely affectionate referral to both her name and the shape of her rather flat nose.

Here she is:

I'm leaving this morning for the coast. It's the annual Parker Ladies' Night Out, and I'm so looking forward to it.

This is a tradition in our family, an annual get-together of as many of the women on my mom's side of the family as can make it. No husbands, and no kids, except for nursing babies. The weekend is ours, and we love it. This year it's being taken care of by my mom and her sister and their daughters. Other years, the children of my Grandpa Parker's siblings do the hosting, so each branch of the family gets a turn.

I'll be taking pictures and writing about this later. I think every family should have a weekend for the women! Bond over Bunk-o! Laugh over lunch! Dish over dessert! It's more than good--it's wonderful.


La Alicia said...

Mme Le COIN is a riot! I love your stuff!

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