Thursday, May 1, 2008

Does This Mean It's Spring?

This has been the coldest, wettest, spring I can remember. I've been on the verge of despair, although there've been a few days that let me dig weeds and put plants into the ground lightened the gray.

Then, day before yesterday, Lo! and Behold! it was warm enough to sit on the swing in the yard with Bob, swinging our feet and talking. He mowed the lawn. I had seen the clematis from the kitchen window, and grabbed the camera before I came out.

It's Spring, isn't it? Really, really Spring!


Pink Clematis Blanket

Pocket Full o' Posies


Buds of a Feather

The sun is shining. I have tables full of things to make, and a shop to (re)organize, and a little SUV full of fabric to sort. Life is good.


EyePopArt said...

Very pretty flower pictures! Yes, I think it may be spring...

Twiggymolly said...

WOW! Those are beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog
yep I'm really adding your link.

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