Thursday, November 18, 2010


Still playing with ATC's over at, although right now it's all I can do to keep the obligation balls in the air, so play is WAY down on my list. But not non-existent!

The idea, with this ATC, was to create a collage from junk mail or magazine images. This is what I made:

Pretty simple, really, once I found the cat and orange images. Then it was just a matter of adding in the fish, and a pair of earrings from a catalog. But I was happy with the final effect.

Now, you aren't allowed to sell ATC's. They're for trading, which is why they're called Artist's Trading Cards, but people can and do sell ACEO's, which are pretty much the same thing, except they're called Art Cards, Editions and Originals. I wondered what Etsy would have, and found literally thousands! Here are three I loved with "cat" themes:

Dancing Cats, by 3Crows

Tortie Cat with Fish, by AlisonEKurek
Mr. Darcy, by TaraFly

Clicking on the ACEO images will take you to the shops where they can be purchased. Aren't they wonderful?


Alison E. Kurek said...

I absolutely LOVE your collage!

Thank you for taking the time to do the Esty search. I frame many of my ACEOs -- I'm not sure if that's breaking the rules :-)

TaraFly said...

Thanks Anitra! I appreciate having my "Mr Darcy Cat" ACEO featured here.
Your cat art trading card is adorable as well! :)

And yes, @Alison, you can frame ACEOs and many people do! They look really nice framed in groups with a similar theme. :)

3crows said...

nice work! thanks for including my silly dancing cats!

cindy said...

These are quite interesting! I di not know about the trading site.

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