Monday, November 29, 2010


Today I'm joining up with Vicki, over at Cherry Chick for ME Monday. It's a party for those of us who love Mary Engelbreit's art, and it's SO simple--just post a photo or two of something Mary Engelbreit, or inspired by her art.

My choice for today is the delightful cup and saucer set I got from my daughter, December.

Can you read what the cup says? It's "Won't you BEE my honey?"

And this is the shelf it will live on. Just as soon as I make a little room for it!

Really, that won't be hard. There's an old sugar jar that doesn't need to be there, and a little ceramic flask. They can go, and that will be that!

Stop over and see Vicki if you a fan of Mary. She has some GREAT jewelry!


Cherry Chick said...

Anitra I'm so happy that you have joined us for ME Monday.
I just LOVE your "Bee" mug. I'm sure that Sweet Bee Cottage blog would LOVE it too! For me it has special meaning.
You have a wonderful collection of ME mugs to share and I so appreciate your kind mention of my jewelry. ;-)
Hopefully, we'll see you again next week, too.

storybeader said...

very cute cup and saucer! I have a special place for my coffee cups, right next to the coffee maker... so I don't have to take too many steps in the morning! {:-D

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love that bee-utiful cup! That's one I never got and sure wish I had! What do you enjoy in there? Tea or coffee?

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