Sunday, November 7, 2010

SUNDAY RERUN: Library Fine of $1642.25?!

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A favorite photo of my cousin Angie

This is one of mine, from my other blog, posted on June 15, 2002.

Not long ago my Uncle Darrell was going through some stuff up at Grandma and Grandpa's old place, when what should he run across but a library book his niece, Angie, had checked out, oh, eighteen years ago, and never returned. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for a little fun.

Angie, at about the age she was when she checked out the infamous library book.

Darrell knew someone who worked at the school, and got her to give him some of the school's stationary. Then he wrote Angie a letter to the effect that the school had been going through old records and trying to put some of them to bed. Part of that organization effort was to get people with overdue books to ante up. Their records showed that she had checked out a book in 1984, and not returned it. The fine for that would be $1,642.25. Oh, and she'd need to buy the library a replacement, too, if she didn't still have the book.

In the meantime, Darrell enlisted the help of Angie's mom and sister. He gave them the book, and Angie's mom, my Aunt Charlotte, put it on her bookshelf. When Angie got the letter, she ran with it over to her mom's place (literally--they share a driveway) in a panic. Her sister, Cindy, was there.

Angie was panic-stricken all right, but she maintained that it had to be a mistake--she'd never even checked that book out! Cindy said, "I don't know, Ange. Seems like I saw that book just the other day..." and walked over to the bookcase, and "searched" through the titles. "Yeah! It's right here!"

Angie was totally freaked out. For exactly as long as it took Charlotte and Cindy to call Darrell so he could share in the laughter. At Angie's expense, of course. Thank goodness she's a good sport. Our entire family is still enjoying the joke.


Parsley said...

Oh GEE...that would have freaked me out too then I'd laugh and punch everyone in the arm!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh goodness! That would scare anyone!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a story!!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

HI Anitra...

Ohhh my gosh...what a funny story! I wonder how difficult it was for your aunt and cousin to play that part? Hehe! Your Uncle Darrell sounds like such a fun person...with an awesome sense of humor! Too cute!

So happy to see your for Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! I enjoyed your post! So sorry about being so late to get by for a visit...I'm just running behind...eeeks!

Warmest autumn wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

podso said...

This is a great re-run and such fun. That's always a nightmare--losing a library book and overdue fines extending on and on. Your uncle is a clever guy! Thanks for your sweet comment and for visiting my blog!

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