Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prickly Pears and Bracelets

Well, I managed two mishaps getting these photos, both entirely my fault.

First, I was woefully careless with my body while taking the pictures. The result of that was several minutes spent picking a virtual hairbrush of cactus spines out of my knee. Prickly pears may be beautiful, but they are terribly unfriendly.

Second, when I transferred the pictures from my camera to the laptop, I renamed them, and then deleted them from the camera card. Imagine my dismay when the transferred photos would not open! I'd forgotten to add the .jpg suffix to the new file names. Thank goodness, all I had to do was rename them, adding the suffix on. Presto!
Good as new, and a lesson learned, to boot.

These are photos of the white bracelets I've been talking about. Although they closely resemble each other, they are not identical. I rarely have multiples of the vintage buttons I use in them, but tried hard to find five of each, and when I couldn't, I used similar buttons. Same thing with the beads. But since I went through such difficulties getting the photos at all, I'm going to put more than one of them up here, free for nothing gratis!


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