Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, after weeks and weeks of not doing a Friday Fence Post, I finally have one. I do apologize for being such a wimp. It was the weather. I just can't bring myself to suffer rain, wind, snow, and cold for my art. I don't have a problem wrenching some piece of metal until I cut or bruise myself. Just don't ask this Temperature Wuss to be cold on purpose!

I spotted these fences on the way to Mama's last week, and pulled off the highway to snap them. Meggie seemed to think it was perfectly normal to do that, although she did have questions, and the photos of fences shot on edge had her tilting her head this way and that, completely puzzled by the point of view. But she did seem to find new interest in something she'd probably never paid much attention to. Well, after all, what five-year-old is likely to have noticed something like a dilapidated old fence?


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