Saturday, March 14, 2009


Spent the day with my little granddaughter yesterday, taking her with me to my Mom's. As we were going to the car, I saw a mass of purple, and pointed them out--"Look, Meggie! The crocuses are in bloom!" She was probably not as thrilled as I was. The harbingers of spring have not become familiar to the average almost 5-year-old.

I bundled her into her car seat, telling her I had to take pictures, and got not a word of argument. She's well acquainted with the camera bug that runs rampant in the family. Besides, for both of us, it doesn't matter a great deal what we do, as long as we're spending our day together.

Crocuses at morning:

When we got home, just beofre dusk:



SisterDG said...

So pretty! I can't remember ever looking forward to a Spring more eagerly than this one.

pawnee said...

Makes me think of the song "What a difference a Day Made" The colors are gorgeous & dramtic. As we used to tell your grandpa Parker when he would win a Blue Ribbon - You sure have a good camera!

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