Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been wanting to put some of my music online for years now. I decided today was the day, in spite of the difficulties I was having. I don't know how to have an mp3 hosted somewhere, although I know for a fact that I could do that. YouTube takes only video files, so I couldn't just upload the music there. Finally, it occurred to me to play the tunes in the Windows Media Player and record the randomization with the music with my camera.

My apologies for the clicking noise. It's my camera, and I can't seem to keep it from making it.

This tune is titled "Various Stages of Decline". It was written by my dear friend Paul Lerman, and you'll hear him on bazouki (picture a mandolin with 8 strings and a very long neck), and me on flute.

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Brett Ward said...

Wow wow wow! How cool! I never knew you played! It's really wonderful!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!

ZudaGay said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE it!! Well done!

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