Friday, November 21, 2008


So, I recounted. Last week was #10; this is #11.

Two fences this week. They are both nearly invisible, one because of what's in front of it, and the other because of what's piled behind it.

I nearly laughed aloud when I saw this first one. For some reason, it just strikes me funny. I find myself wondering whether it's a fence or a loosely-woven basket. This fence was not, by the way, hidden in some back area on an unpaved and pot-holed alley. Nope. Right on the street, in someone's front yard. But I have to admit my yard sometimes gets away from me, too, so maybe I shouldn't say anything more!

Don't make me release the flying debris!

Now, the next one, I'll have to confess I was hoping there was a fence in there somewhere, because I loved the color and form of the yellow bamboo. There is!

Look closely. The fence itself was about four feet high, but almost completely hidden.

Oh, man. I want a "fence" like this one.

Yellow sticks, walking

Yellow, green, blue--like angular flowers, or cranes' legs

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