Thursday, May 8, 2014

The King and the Fool 2011, and an edited Appalachian

Last one! I don't know what was going on for this show. There were No, None, photos of the full stage with the cast that I could find, and believe me, I looked. I solicited every Reveler I could think of. I scavenged on Facebook pages, and googled every permutation of the words I could come up with. This collage is mostly close-ups of various cast members, and I think there may even be a photo from a different show. But it was a Great show--just wish I had more that reflected it.

And last (LAST!), but not least, I was concerned about the resolution of some of the photos I used for the Appalachian show, so I changed it up a little. Here's the edited version:


knittingdragonflies said...

How fun is this! I love these old photos!

A rootdigger said...

How do you ever get those creative ideas? fantastc

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