Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm really enjoying ATCs, both making and receiving them. I'm planning on getting the ones people have sent me photographed and here on my blog, but for now here are two I finished this morning.

As you can see, they're nearly identical. I did them for another Swap-bot trade. For this swap we were to make an ATC for each of two partners, using any media or method, but including at least one punched element.

Because it's hard to see the layering of paper on paper, I'll tell you I used nine punched pieces. (The black you see around the two scalloped flowers is paper, not shadow, and accounts for two of them.)

I did the paper part, and was satisfied with the composition and colors, but the ATCs didn't 'pop' the way I wanted, so I added the buttons. That seemed to do it. Those buttons were a find--I got a quart jar of them at Goodwill yesterday for $4.99, and there were all kinds of wonderful lovelies in it. I'll have to show them off tomorrow!

By the way, check out Swap-bot. It's free to register, and there are tons of swaps going all the time, for crafters, knitters, seamsters, people who like to send postcards, you name it. I'm finding that joining the ones that interest me is really sparking my creativity, and it sure does make for a happy mailbox!


MOLLYE said...

I knew you were ready for the Big Time in ATC's. Just amazingly beautiful girly! You can also google Yahoo ATC Groups and find a gazilion groups to join. I used to do NOTHING but ATC's and it was so much fun/ Love you.

Coleen said...

Very pretty Anitra. I love flower anything.

BTW, did you know you can remove the word verification thingy which then makes it faster to comment. I did that a year ago on my blog and have had no problems. Just a thought.


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