Sunday, July 25, 2010

SUNDAY RERUN: The Very Angry Bell Pepper

I was thinking about this certain vegetable the other day, and it occurred to me it would be a great blog entry for a Sunday Favorites post. (Chari is hosting these; click on the button to the left that says Sunday Favorites if you'd like to join the party!)

Here it is, from September, 2008:

I had a lunch date with a salad yesterday, starring Mr Bell Pepper. Boy. Don't know what set him off, but when I took off the paper towel I'd wrapped him in after making Saturday's salad, this is what I saw. (I'm not kidding. He just about took my head off!)

I went ahead and sliced off some for my salad, thinking that would change the pepper's outrageous expression, but I was mistaken.

Haven't had a salad today. I'm kinda reluctant to see what's inside that paper towel now.


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