Friday, April 30, 2010


My husband and I have been frequent lunch customers at a pub near our house for going on fifteen years. They've got great food, reasonable prices, and a really terrific owner and staff, and it feels good to support a business that doesn't have some monolithic corporation funding it.

For all of those years there's been a perfectly nondescript fence running along one side of the pub's little parking lot, and never once did I notice it. Until a few days ago, when I looked over and saw the flowers stretching and crowding between the weathered white slats.

You can click on any of the pictures to see them larger, but the one just above is huge. When I looked at it full-size, I was fascinated by the textures and details.

And the flowers! Before I took the pictures, and even now, looking at them from a little distance, they, too, are nondescript. In fact, I'd thought them dull. Up close, though, they are amazing, like cupped and tentacled alien stars, with small pads on the ends of their rays. I'll be heading back with my camera, I know, for pictures specifically of them.

The filtered view above is fun seen large. Click on it, too!


Fusion Art Jewelry said...

Always love your fence posts! I too am a lover of fences, and all things deemed "non-descript" by the majority who miss the small (huge) beauty in almost every step we take outdoors. They make for the best photographs don't they?


Splendid Little Stars said...

I love looking at the detail of flowers! The white on white with green is very pretty and soothing. It doesn't look nondescript at all from your photos!

TiLT said...

If someone would have told me that someday I would be looking forward to seeing pics of fence posts I would have told them they were nuts! But they would have been right :)
Keep 'em coming!

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