Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, she's finally finished, my very tall Coffee Pot Person. I'll be honest, which they say is always the best policy. I go back and forth between thinking she's really cool, and thinking she's just too elongated. The DH (that's Dear Husband), on the other hand, walked out onto the deck, where I had stood her, and did a lovely jaw drop and exclamation. "She is great", he said.

"Really? Do you mean that?"

"Of course, I mean it. Why wouldn't I mean it?"

"I was so afraid you'd think she was too big, or stupid, or something." The DH has not been a big fan of big Coffee Pot People. It was truly a surprise that he liked Connie. Oh. Right. Her name is Connie. Forgot to mention that.

"Well, she's really cool," DH reiterated.

I'd definitely welcome other opinions, so here she is, on a friend's doorstep:

A close-up "teaser" followed by a full-length shot:

And another, in front of the neighbor's front arbor:

My new favorite tool when I was making Connie turned out to be my little Dremel tool. One of the attachments was a one-inch disk that purported to be able to slice through metal, including steel. If you've never tried to cut through steel, let me alert you to the fact that steel is HARD. Drilling through it is a time-consuming pain. I've never ever attempted to slice the stuff.

So I took the little disk out, reading that little label, and thinking, Yeah. Well, we'll see. Wow. A label that actually tells the truth! That buzzing, hand-held, toy-like tool let me take this:

and do this:

because I was planning to do this:

It took a little time, for sure, but it did work, and once some of the spines were gone, the bolt cutters could help.

Well, I wanted to put more stuff in this entry, but it's nearly eight in the evening, and I'm hungry. DH and I went out to lunch, so neither of us wants an actual dinner, but the cookies are calling, "Aniiiitra....oh, Aniiiiiitraaa...." Must. Answer. Voices. Coming. From. Kitchen...


majeral said...

I don't believe it!! She is so elegant. I could not put her outside.
She has to much class. I kept my voice down (Violet might get her feelings hurt if I brought her home too. ) Of course I could tell her that Connie is her older sister and came back home?
I think I would not let DH and here in the same house to long. You know how men get when a new young thing walks by.Vie

pawnee said...

She really is elegant! Beautiful. I like the fact that the top of her hat is a pretty bulb - how fitting. Her skirt is so graceful, too. Kudos, kiddo.

The Fab Miss B said...

Love her! Whimsical quirky fun!

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