Sunday, July 5, 2009


Several more of the Coffee Pot People went "On Vacation" this week. It is a holiday weekend, after all. Here are the places they found:

Molly didn't go far from home, just up the hill to Rocky Butte. She wanted to scope out the views for the 4th of July, thinking it might be a really good spot for seeing the fireworks. Waterfront Park was looking less attractive to her, since Vancouver's fireworks had been canceled, which probably meant even huger crowds for the Blues Festival. She hated to miss the festival, though, so she's hoping for next year.

The view from the top was awesome! Unfortunately, by nightfall Molly was so tired she just didn't feel up to going anywhere, especially since the temperature had topped 95 degrees by early afternoon. (That's 35 degrees Celsius, for those of you unfamiliar with our Fahrenheit thermometers.)

Lucky for her, the night was alive with fireworks right in her own neighborhood, so she just walked outside and admired what the amateurs were doing. You'd never know fireworks of that sort were illegal, and frankly, Molly isn't sorry some of the local peeps ignored Big Brother. (Don't quote ME. That's Molly speaking!)

Ginny got outta Dodge, and headed for Crater Lake, which she'd always wanted to see. It was as beautiful as expected, and she thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Edith loves the Oregon Garden, especially here in the Japanese section. She adores the way the azaleas match her eye shadow, and decries the more casual dress code of fellow garden tourists. "A garden this lovely deserves to be dressed for!" Edith tells her friends. She has more tact than to mention it to the jeans-clad, however.

Edith also uses the garden for research, constantly on the lookout for new and unusual varieties for the flower beds in front of her popular tea room. She insists there are no beds at all above stairs.


Mokihana said...

I loved the travels of the girls!! I've never climbed up Rocky Butte but now I think I will. Love love love this post!!!

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