Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sometimes I am simply awed by the beauty of leaves. I took these pictures on a walk the other day.

Red Leaf

Rhodie on Black Velvet

Fretted and Laced


I did some photoshopping on the rhody, to accentuate the stained glass effect, but not much.

And I guess I should admit that thistles aren't leaves. It was just so gorgeous, like a Vegas dancers elaborate head gear. I took the picture and prayed it would turn out the way I saw it.

When I began this entry, I had a quick flash of memory, back to the day I got my first pair of glasses. I was in eighth grade, and had no real clue how the world looked to other people.

Dad took me to my eye exam, and then a week later took me back to pick up the new glasses, which, of course, I instantly donned.

I will never forget the drive home, with its most stunning revelation: With good eyesight, trees are not just blobs of green, even when seen from a car tooling down the road.

"Dad!" I exclaimed. "The trees have leaves! I mean, you can see them! You can see individual leaves on the trees!"

I wonder if that's when and where my fascination with them began.


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