Friday, October 24, 2008


Whew. Quick post tonight. I've been gone most of the day, doing a show at my granddaughter's school (Art in the 'Burbs). Now it's twenty to eleven at night, but I don't want to miss my Friday Fence Post!

First one isn't, technically, a fence, but it struck me like one, and I loved the look of it, sharply defined against the enormous wall of a building I photographed last week, and put in my "5 Steps to Decrepit" post. I've called it "Call to Arms" because my brother did, saying it looked like the lines of rifles you sometimes see in old photos.

Call to Arms

Then, same day, the loops of razor wire atop a chain link fence struck me. They remind me of the penmanship exercises my dad used to have me do, in an effort to add grace to my handwriting.


Last, two shots of a picket fence near my home:


Overgrown II


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