Sunday, September 28, 2008


True confession: I'm a coffee snob. Just a teensy bit of one, but one nevertheless.

True, I don't go on and on about different blends, the quality or timing of roasts, or have my coffee flown in from "a little shop in California that has it figured out", but I don't buy my beans already ground, or in a can. That pre-ground stuff tends to be really nasty. Eeeuw.

Having said that, there are those times when canned coffee is all there is, like when visiting Mama.

For that, I have tricks: Adding a tiny bit of cinnamon or nutmeg helps. And just a pinch of salt. Surprising, but true.

Now, the other day we were at Mama's, sitting and having dinner, when she realized she'd forgotten to put the salt and pepper on the table. She got up and got them, but tripped on the edge of the rug on her way back. The coffee in her cup went everywhere, presumably because she'd bumped the table hard. It was even in my dinner plate.

What had actually happened, though, was a true fluke. Mama salted her coffee Big Time:

How did she DO that?!

We were, needless to say, amazed and full of giggles.


Maikken said...

I was so surprised to read about you using salt in your coffee. I thought I and my people are the only ones having that habit. It really does lift up the flavour in the coffee!

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