Friday, September 12, 2008


DH and I went to Mama's on Tuesday, and as we drove through Portland, for some reason or other, my eyes were drawn to the fences we were passing. Wouldn't it be fun, I thought, to take a picture, or several, every week of an interesting fence and post it to my blog? I could call it "Fence Fridays" or "Friday Fences". It could be my version of "Thursday Self Portraits", maybe. (I'm not much into having my picture taken. Pictures of me make me feel ugly, about 90% of the time.)

Anyway, here's my first Friday Fence Post!

This fence runs along Mama's driveway.

Click here to see full-size.

Click here to see full-size.

Click here to see full-size


Mokihana said...

I adore the idea of the Friday fence! This first one is wonderful. I just found your blog recently, and immediately subscribed to it.

I think I am a coffee pot person myself.

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