Friday, July 18, 2008

Tea Pots Are People, Too! (4 new peeps)

Well, we got back from the Lavender Daze Festival in Hood River on Wednesday, and I've been scrambling to catch up with everyday life and get ready for the Cracked Pots Garden Art Show at Edgefield ever since.

Yesterday, I got a little side-tracked, but it was SO worth it. My daughter spotted an ad on Craig's List for a an estate "sale" where everything was free. It was actually the leftovers from their real sale, but we had such fun going through things, and made some serious scores. I'm hoping to blog about that in the next day or so, and also about Lavender Daze, but in the meantime...

TA-DAH!! New Tea Kettle Characters!

Here are their pictures, group shot first:

A Happy Foursome






Debbie said...

those are so nice

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