Monday, July 28, 2008


More of my favorites from the Cracked Pots show at Edgefield, starting with a perennial favorite, Megan Klepp. Her business name is Ta Dah which I also love.


Even her sign is art

Megan covers things, mostly orbs, with old marbles. I love the ones she does that have things springing from the top the most, but they're all great fun. It's quite a process to make them. I asked her how she kept all the marbles from sliding down the balls as she worked and she was kind enough to explain it, but (I'm chuckling while I type, here) it isn't something I'd have the patience for myself!

Next is Ruby the Resourceress, who makes clocks, primarily, but other things as well, from old tins. I adore the whimsy of her work, and when she said she loved barter best, I quickly arranged to trade for her owl clock. It's going above the archway in my kitchen.

Ruby also told me she plans to get out of the business of selling her work, and just start teaching other people how to make them, with the goal of fostering the creative spark in people who think they don't have one. Isn't that the coolest thing?

"Whoo's your little whoosis?" (A song Mama sang to us often)

Now a man whose last name is, I think, Luz. I tried to read the card on the piece I got from him last year, but it was too faded, and he wasn't in his area when I came by with my camera, and didn't have business cards out. If I find out his name, I'll update this entry with it.

Amazing what you can do with old garden hoses

Scrap metal chairs for little folk

Last is Elliot Works, who made some strip bulletin boards from molding and corks. What a great idea! (His wife, Sarah, and I had a great conversation, which is one of the hugest benefits of doing shows. I SO look forward to meeting her again!)

Next blog entry will be pictures from the Artists Challenge. There were some amazing pieces put together by the Cracked Pots artists this year. I walked around with my camera blinking and my jaw dropped.

Now, for me, off to the printer's. I have some things to (hopefully) jury in tomorrow, and since I'm seriously low on the actual items, I'm taking a folder full of photos. (Now, wasn't that just about as alliterative as anyone should be on a Monday morning?!)


Ta-Dah said...

You are too sweet! I also traded with Ruby for one of her clocks- love it. I had that owl in my hand too.

Anitra Cameron said...

How funny that we both had to have clocks from her! Now I'm wondering which one you did get....

And I just think more people should get to see what you do, so they get to smile along with me!

Where's Domo? said...

Oh, I totally love Megan's orbs! Will go check out her page now...

Where's Domo? said...

Darn. Her blog is set to private. : (

Mokihana said...

I desperately need an owl clock!!

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