Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lovely Valentine's Bottle Swap

Has it really been a year since I last posted? Google tells me so, and I won't argue. And this post is almost a week later than I'd intended, but I've been waging computer battles of epic hair-tearing proportions. (Shhhh. Everything seems to be working reasonably well this evening. Don't even whisper that to the computer jinxing gods!)

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and in honor of that I participated in a bottle swap! My sister-I've-never-met-in-person, darling Miz Mollye, over at Fruit of the Spirit was our hostess for it. Have you ever tried one? You take an empty 2 liter bottle, cut a trap door in the side, stuff it full of goodies, and then mail it. (I loved the look on the postal worker's face when I placed the one I was sending on the scale!)

I am here to show off the lovely wonderfulness I received from my swap partner, Terry Lee. (Her blog is here: AllThingsTerryLee .) Are you ready? Here's what the outside of the bottle looked like:

See how she surrounded all the little gifties with pink paper shreds? So pretty! And a close-up of the heart-shaped picture:

I opened my bottle with a girlfriend who'd come for a visit. We could hardly believe our eyes as we pulled one item after another from the bottle. How on earth did she get all this in there?! And almost all of it was gift-wrapped, so there was the delight of anticipation, and opening each one.

Whoo-hoo! Lookit all the CHOCOLATE! I have nibbled, and nibbled, and nibbled, and when I'm not nibbling, I'm hoarding. I swear, sometimes thinking about that chocolate waiting for me is as good as actually eating it. (Well....maybe not quite, lol.)

And so many prezzies! Socks, a bracelet (haven't taken it off since), a little note pad for my purse, a darling hanging heart, decorated box, my initial on a hat/coat hook....

"AC sweet as can be" (My initials are AC. How darling is that? Not to mention flattering!)

The sweet card and envelope, and a delightful stamped and decorated cloth tag:

And last but not least, this metal hanger. I love it, and I'm looking for just exactly the right place to put it.

All I have to say is my swap partner spoiled me absolutely rotten. I have smiled, and smiled, and smiled. Thank you, Terry Lee!


Mollye said...

Oh I am so glad Terry Lee spoiled you rotten! I knew she would. Such an amazing bottle of cuteness. And might I take a moment to thank you also for the wonderful handmade Valentine you sent to me. I adore you Anitra and I love that you played in the swap!

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Mollye said...

Where are you dear girl? It is now 2014 and I miss you like crazy. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card. Please come back to bloggy land with me. I finally said good bye to Facebook. This is so much more fullfilling.

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