Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am so enjoying the Yahoo! group "Decorative Envies". It's a small group, with a simple aim: Make its members' mailboxes happier by sending pretty and/or interesting mail to each other. Real mail. Snail mail, if you will.

Each month a theme is announced for each of two categories, Decorated Envelopes (Envies) and Postcards. You can sign up, or not; there's no requirement to be in all the swaps, just the ones you're interested in and have time for.

This month's theme for the envelope was Music, and included not just the envelope, but a note card and tag. I had a great time creating the set I sent!

The front of the envelope

The back of the envie

The note care

The tag front

First inside tag page

Close up

Second set of pages of tag

These were made for my dear friend Miz Mollye, who has already emailed me to say she loves them! YAY!!!

Now I have to admit I haven't done the postcard yet, which has a book theme. I know what I'm going to do though, I think....

If this sounds like fun to you, too, search the Yahoo! Groups for Decorative Envies. I know they'd welcome you!


MOLLYE said...

Oh yes I love them. In fact I've been sitting here trying to figure a way to put them up on the wall here in the living room so everyone who comes in can ooh and aah over them.
and someday my kids will inherit them and say to their friends, "Yes my mother was friends with this woman. You know the famous collage artist, Anitra"
:-) you just never know!

Splendid Little Stars said...

How could she not love them!! They are superbly wonderful!!

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