Thursday, June 10, 2010


Once again, MizMollye has inspired me. The other day she put up a whole slew of beautiful vintage cigar box art, free to download. The box labels were so fabulous, I downloaded the whole bunch.

I was looking at them, mulling over possibilities for use, when it occurred to me that for some uses pastels or sepia might work better for me. Minutes later, I was opening them in my photo editor and happily playing with the colors.

If there are any here that you'd like to take, feel free to click and copy. (And be sure to visit MizMollye's post, too, to get the original, fantastical, bright art!)

My apologies if there are duplicates in this post. The computer is fighting me, and this month has officially caught up with me. I've caught cold, and will now carry myself off to bed, and hope I did this entry right!


Mollye said...

Oh you are a brainy girl. See I would never in a thousand years thought of altering the colors to sepia or pastel, but how lovely they are. And I almost cannot wait to show off my purses, but I have to wait a bit longer. These are beautiful.

TiLT said...

They look great - got a few ideas floating now too :)
Feel better soon!!!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Thanks Ani...these are great!

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