Friday, November 6, 2009


I was looking for old paper (not kidding) to print something on a bit ago, and found a poem I wrote several years back. I'd forgotten about it, and hadn't ever shared it with anyone, so (Lucky You!) I'm going to put it here.

Water Faeries

Legend has it that faeries dwell
In the water that glistens way down in the well.
What sort of faeries would they be,
Who choose to live so watery?

A lad with laughing, merry, eye
Came to the well 'neath summer skies,
Asked a maid for water, said, "Hot today!"
"But cool down there where the faeries play!"

She lifted the pail on the winch's rope
And a lark nearby sang sudden of hope.
"Will you draw, or I?" and they both looked over,
While she wished once again for the love of this rover.

How deep runs the water reflecting their faces!
Swirling along in deep channels it races.
A penny bright from her pocket she drew,
Tossed it, watched, as it downward flew.

He turned to her with a puzzled look,
As ripples recorded the path the coin took.
"Why did you throw your money away?"
"The faeries like pennies," was all she could say.

His hand, then, cradled and lifted her chin.
"Is it favors you ask when you toss a coin in?"
"It is," and she blushed as her secret she told.
"I wished you would love me, for my heart you hold."

"Faeries are hoaxes for children, I've heard,
And to ask them for love's like asking yon bird,
For my love has been given this many's the long year
To a lass whose least glances can fill me with cheer."

So, sadly she turned, but he caught up her hand,
Brushed from her forehead a wayward, red strand.
"The faeries have long had my coin and request.
'Tis you, lassie, truly, that I love the best."

And smiling they walked off together that day.
Was it the faeries? None knows as can say,
But each summer's day when, "Hope!" sings the lark,
They toss thankful pennies down into the dark.

Anitra Cameron


Athena said...

I think it's a good poem, Anitra. :) I like that it tells a story I can follow (I'm bugged by 'abstract' poems).

majeral said...

That is lovely.. Like you

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's beautiful Anitra :) Like Athena said, I love that it has a story that I can follow, and I just love the fairy world in general!

Kathleen said...

I think it's fun - it has a very gentle, old fashioned feel to it.

Mollye said...

Hi Anitra, I loved it because I have you know a huge love affair with all things wee and small and Fairies top my list. It just makes you smile and feel good. Hugs, Mollye

Splendid Little Stars said...

thoroughly enjoyed it! a fun story with a happy and perhaps even mystical, ending.

storybeader said...

what a nice poem! It reminds me of an centuries-old tale, that a grandparent would tell. Very sweet!

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