Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coffee Pot Sisters, Isabella & Gillian

Isabella Mary Goode

Was ever a bride so calm? Isabella peacefully awaits her bridegroom, who should be here momentarily. Part of her joy in marrying is taking her bridegroom's last name. It would not, probably, have mattered what it was. She has spent her entire life being teased: "Is-a Bella gonna Marry Good?! HAHAHAHA!" At last, at last, at last, she thinks to herself, athough she would never, ever, intimate those feelings to her beloved parents, who had a particular thing for names.

Isabella's mother, blissfully in contrast, is bustling about greeting guests. The wedding is taking place in the garden, of course, quite competently planned by Isabella’s sister Gillian.

Gillian Westhope Goode

Gillian’s parents were poor, but proud, and never afraid to dream grand things for their children. To that optimism they added a certain wisdom: “Fate favors the well-named,” Mrs. Goode would remark, “And the well-educated!” Mr. Goode would invariably respond.

Never a couple to speak one thing and do another, they named their eldest daughter Gillian Westhope Goode, and when she showed a love of people and a pronounced interest in all things botanical, they scrimped and saved to send her to the local College of Horticulture.

Gillian now works as an Events Planner specializing in Garden Celebrations, charming both clients and participants, and turning “yards” into “Landscapes of Delight”, sometimes in a matter of days. Her parties always come off without a hitch, and hardly anyone remembers the (well-earned) nickname her siblings awarded her years ago: Giddy Gilly Goode.


the bear doctor said...

This is a worried bear doctor. Did you know the name of "the Human"? Or is this just a freaky coincidence? Because "the human's" name is Thomas Goode. By the way I love your work. Regards and a digital bearhug from a confused bear doctor.

Amanda said...


I have a Kreativ Blogger award waiting for you on my blog! Someone sent one to me yesterday, and now I have the honor of passing it along to you, because your blog makes me smile. I especially love the scenic photos you share. :)


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