Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It dawned on me the other day that I may be a tad overbooked as the bazaar season opens. My first inkling came when I took my store of little Tea Kettle Characters to the first bazaar I had on my schedule. Since I'd never done this particular show before, I took all of them, figuring the woman running the show, Cindy, could choose the ones she liked, and I'd leave just those.

I carried the two big tubs into her garage-cum-Christmas-shop, and began pulling my peeps out and setting them on the table. "Look at those!" someone said. "Ohmygosh, those are adorable!" came from someone else. You can just imagine my smiles as we talked, there was so much excitement about them.

In fact, there was so much excitement that Cindy decided she wanted ALL of them! This bazaar runs every weekend from this Thursday through the fifth of December, which means I have no Tea Kettle Characters left to put in the other four shows I'm doing in that same timespan. Holy cow, I thought. I've got to get busy!

Then I thought, Four shows. I've got four shows scheduled in a 3-week period. I don't have enough jewelry made either!

So I've been busily making more bracelets, and earrings to match. Here are the latest two:


Mollye said...

Wall Anitra girl, I am speechless. Imagine that. You truly amaze me. Each time I look at all your fun jewelry I am in awe. I need a tut. I'm sending you a plane ticket.

Athena said...

Oh, my God, my blood pressure would skyrocket! Good luck getting everything made in time.

And your bracelets are gorgeous. :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a wonderful "problem" to have :) Hope you get restocked and have a great selling season!!!

TiLT said...

wow! that is a lot! But in a good way :) Best5 of luck! Loving the new jewelry

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Ok - step 1, take a deep breath! Step 2 - just think, this means $$$ right? :D

majeral said...

wow , can't say you have nothing to do. Not bored either.You sure take great pictures. ok now stop being online. Oh and don't forget to mow the new lawn and plant bulbs for next spring, hummm and what new cooking item can we look forward to?
lol you go girl

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