Thursday, May 14, 2009


We made Muffin Stands (aka Mini Cake Stands). Only one thing could have come from that--baking! We didn't exactly bake anything, though, unless you count the delicious enchiladas my daughter fixed for Monday dinner.

What we did was put together mixes for someone else to bake, using a book I'd picked up titled, Mug'Ems--Sweet Things It's a nifty little tome full of recipes for mixes, with printed tags. Assemble the mix, put it in a plastic bag in a mug, cut the tag from the book and attach it, and give it away. Your recipient adds the last few ingredients (usually liquid), and bakes it, right in the mug. Hence the title.

I figure it would be easy enough to come up with your own recipes for this, but I had the book so it made sense to use it. We made Chocolate Blondie Mix, and had so much fun we wanted to make more. Unfortunately, we hadn't brought more baking supplies than we needed for just the one mix, so we were out of luck, with the nearest grocery store about ten miles away.

The lovely thing about this activity/craft was that is was one even our five-year-old could participate in, with her mama's help. Of course, part of the activity was finding the mugs to use. I'd brought some with me, and we found others at the local Goodwill. Even little Meggie picked out two mugs she loved. In the photo, hers is the one with the hearts, her mom's is the plain one, my mom's is the one with the rose pattern, my daughter Sarah's is the one with the caterpillar, and mine is the one with the swirls--each a reflection of our respective personalities.

I love that this is so quick, easy, and inexpensive!



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