Friday, August 29, 2008


Etsy is having a contest right now for Handmade Kids items. There are seven categories, Art, Eco-Friendly, Furniture, Decor, Clothing, Toys, and Accessories, with forty finalists in each. You have to be registered to vote, but that's free, and takes just a minute, and each category you vote in places you in a sweepstakes to win a $350 shopping spree. If you aren't familiar with and registered at Etsy yet, you do want to be anyway. It's a great website, selling only handmade items, or the materials to make your own.

Anyway, I just went through all the categories and voted, and also created a mini of my favorites as I went. These are favorites, and I did vote for a lot of them, but not all, and some of the items I voted for have sold out and the picture isn't available anymore. But aren't these creations wonderful? (If you'd like to see more photos of each one, check out the prices, or see what else the shop owner has, just click on a picture and you'll be taken to the appropriate shop.)


La Alicia said...

I voted! It was so hard to make choices -- there were SO many cute things! KIds are SO lucky! :)

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